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round up twice the number of usual suspects…

why does the department of justice want the records of twitter followers? anything they have posted about on twitter is already out in the public. what could they possibly be looking for except for ways to crack down on speech that makes the united states government look bad? the wikileaks documents are now in the public sphere. we as americans have never signed confidentiality agreements so therefore anything we say about the cables is covered under the first amendment and cannot be considered espionage or subversion. the government does not know who to target so instead of investigating any real crime with real evidence they are going to arrest everyone and see who is guilty later… this is not the way our government is supposed to work.

“The Department of Justice is turning into an agent of harassment rather than an agent of law,” Stephens, of the firm Finers Stephens Innocent LLP, said. “They’re shaking the tree to see if anything drops out, but more important they are shaking down people who are supporters of WikiLeaks.”

U.S. Twitter Subpoena Is Harassment, Lawyer Says