Monthly Archives: January 2011


all of the cables from wikileaks are vetted by multiple news outlets before they are released. to say that journalism is espionage is to make a mockery of our rights and the principles of the american way of life. the only devastating impact these cables […]


not only did the catholic church know about pedophile priests, but they went out of their way to keep the situation under wraps. even going as far as to threaten priests if they exposed the corruption. A letter to Ireland’s Roman Catholic bishops has been […]


wikileaks exposes more corruption and comes under more attacks… It was just over a month ago when a high-ranking, unnamed Russian official told a state-controlled media outlet that Julian Assange, founder of secrets outlet WikiLeaks, deserved a Nobel Prize for his work exposing the US […]


a police officer shoots a dog while out in the park. the dog was running away. when will it be too much? Slyder took off after Maddox, giving rise to the alleged butt-sniffing. The deputy kicked Slyder, according to the complaint, causing the dog to […]

sic semper tyrannis

Tunisia has successfully thrown off the yoke of repression. hopefully they can keep walking down that narrow path towards freedom and democracy for all. Only last week, the dissident blogger Slim Amamou was handcuffed to a chair in the notorious interrogation rooms of Tunisia’s interior […]

round up twice the number of usual suspects…

why does the department of justice want the records of twitter followers? anything they have posted about on twitter is already out in the public. what could they possibly be looking for except for ways to crack down on speech that makes the united states […]

if we can’t see your junk…

the tsa has been chocking up abuses left and right, but this is a new one. the tsa blog tells people that if they limit the screeners ability to see their genitals then the screeners will be forced to conduct a patdown. this is getting […]


19 year old college kid is beaten by police over a small sack of cannabis that was found on his passenger. the teen was pulled over for making an illegal left turn. the police wanted to search the trunk of his car and when he […]


a new design for houses that incorporates open living areas and natural airflow for cooling… and it looks pretty too… ‘triangular house’ by copenhagen-based practice we architecture is a concept design for a two-storey dwelling that reinterprets the traditional colonial-style building. consisting of three pitched […]


getting drunk proves to be useful once again… Yoshihiko Takano and other researchers at the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan were in the process of creating a certain kind of superconductor by putting a compound in hot water and soaking it for hours. […]