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all of the cables from wikileaks are vetted by multiple news outlets before they are released. to say that journalism is espionage is to make a mockery of our rights and the principles of the american way of life. the only devastating impact these cables have had on foreign relations is to show just how inept our state department really is.

The disclosure of American diplomatic cables triggered still more melodramatic claims from government officials (ones faithfully recited by its servants and followers across the spectrum in Washington), accusing WikiLeaks of everything from “attacking” the U.S. (Hillary Clinton) and “plac[ing] at risk the lives of countless innocent individuals” and “ongoing military operations” (Harold Koh) to being comparable to Terrorists (Joe Biden). But even Robert Gates was unwilling to lend his name to such absurdities, and when asked, mocked these accusations as “significantly overwrought” and said the WikiLeaks disclosures would be “embarrassing” and “awkward” but would have only “modest consequences.”

Obama officials caught deceiving about WikiLeaks